How to Assess Social Platforms

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How do you assess social platforms for your organizations? Every now and then, I get an email about the shiny new object in social media and questions on whether or not we or a client should engage in it. Below are eight questions I typically ask. Feel free to add your questions in the comments below.

How to Assess Social Technologies

  1. Which group(s) in Groundwell’s Social Technographics ladder does the platform cater to (i.e. Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, and/or Spectators)?
  2. Why are people participating on this platform? What are the emotional motivations for participating on this platform?
  3. How does your target audience(s) currently engage in social media?
  4. Does your target audience’s participation in social media reflect the engagement activity on the social media platform you are assessing?
  5. Are members of the new social media platform providing valuable insight about your business?
  6. Can you
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    measure the social media platform’s impact on your business goals?

  7. Do you have resources in place to engage and support users on the social media platform?
  8. And lastly, shout out to Downtown Rob for this last question: “Is this shiny new object that you’re recently heard about going to be around in the next 6 months?”
Pepperidge Farm’s Puff Madness Recipe Tournament

Pepperidge Farm’s Puff Madness Recipe Tournament

Every now and then I like to share social media campaigns that really make me smile. This month, I stumbled upon Pepperidge Farm’s Puff Madness Recipe Tournament which I had to share. The company best known for their passion for baking got into the March Madness spirit by launching their “Puff Madness Bracket” where 16 recipes in their wrapped, rolled, stuffed and cups categories battle it out to become the ultimate Puff Champion!

The Puff Madness Bracket was rolled out on Facebook and Pepperidge Farm encouraged over 77,000 of their fans to play along by downloading the bracket online and voting on which recipe they liked the best. It’s been a fierce competition these last few weeks with fans going back and forth on which recipe should win the title and today the final match was announced.

After a memorable tournament with over 500 comments to date, we’re finally down to the last two recipes: Mini-Cheeseburger Bundles vs. Spinach  Cheese Swirls. If you haven’t done anything for Puff Madness yet, today is the day that counts.

Cast your vote at Pepperidge Farm’s Facebook page and stay tuned to find out who the ultimate Puff Champion will be!

Bullets2Bandages Transforms a Tool of Violence for Healing

I recently attended the Ivy Rooftop party this past weekend where I got

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to see the Bullets2Bandages pieces in person. I like pieces that aren’t flashy, are subtle, and sparks interest so it wasn’t a surprise that the 5.56 hand pressed bullet necklace in an antique finish caught my eye. I’ve had a lot of questions about my piece and I’m always happy to share the story of how the company was created and promote their cause.

What’s their cause you ask? A portion of proceeds are donated to wounded soldiers, their families, and various nonprofit organization for veterans. These guys who have served in the U.S. Navy have experienced firsthand how soldiers and their loved ones can be devastated by war and are doing something to give back to fallen heroes and veterans.

Keep up the great work fellas and I look forward to seeing you achieve your dreams.

Personalize Your Posts on Twitter

Thanks to the Twitter Photoshop template available at Boinblog, personalizing your Twitter profile to promote your personal brand just got easier. Most tweeps upload a background for their Twitter profile while others take it a step further, like Problogger, and include links to their other social media profiles.

Inspired by Problogger, Boinblog’s easy to use template, and armed with a copy of Adobe Photoshop, I took the leap and updated my Twitter profile. You can follow me at @HeyStephanie.

After getting the hang of editing layers, I offered to help customize backgrounds for my colleagues at Brickfish®—in exchange for Starbucks of course. 🙂

Rachel Kay is the founder of RKPR and is an award-winning public relations expert. Check our her new site when you get a chance.

Ashley Futak who is a part of the Brickfish public relations team and just recently came back from the Web 2.0 Expo in New York (stay tuned for her guest post on Wednesday, October 1, 2008), also let me update her Twitter background. For her avatar I went to PosePrints then used my digital scrapbooking elements from Keri Schueller’s Organica collection.

To view other Twitter backgrounds that I helped co-workers with, check out @mphillips4ku and @ssultar.

Have fun with your backgrounds and feel free to leave your Twitter link here so we can check them out.

Capital One Wants to Get Personal

This is fake.

I stumbled across Kristen Nicole’s article on Mashable titled, “Use Flickr for Custom Capital One Cards” and thought it was a great campaign for several personal reasons.

First, Capital One makes it simple to create a personalized credit card. I already have a Capital One card but now I can select a photo that’s already hosted on my Flickr account or simply upload a jpeg from my PC and make it more fun. See upload guidelines here.

Second, by using a personal photo I’m creating an emotional attachment with my credit card. When I’m in the middle of a transaction, do I whip out my boring debit card or use my fancy customized Capital One card? Chances are, I’m going to whip out the Capital One card then chat with the clerk on how fun it was customizing my credit card and tell her where she can go online to create her own!

It would have also been interesting to see what would happen if the Capital One Image Card promotion ran a user-generated contest around the campaign. Let people create their custom Capital One card with their favorite photo then offer a prize (i.e. a $150 Capital One Gas Card) for the best design in a photo category (i.e. Family, Best Friends, Graduation, etc.).

People can engage longer with the promotion and check out what other people have designed and leave comments if they want to. And if they’re not interested in other people’s creations, they can still order their new card. That’s a great way of building brand awareness in my opinion, what do you think?

Create your own personalized Capital One credit card now.

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