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Hey, I’m Stephanie Liu


I’m an award-winning digital marketing strategist dedicated to helping brands and business owners like you, skip the guesswork on how to make their presence known online and start creating meaningful relationships with their customers.

I spent a decade deep in the trenches of agency life geeking out on all things digital and working on the web with tons of successful clients and incredible project launches. From my role as a search marketing manager to social media strategist to director of social media, I scooped up the secrets to building a social media framework that works for startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. I’ve seen what works, and where there’s room to grow.

My endless curiosity about human behavior and love for data means you don’t have to worry about excel formulas and spreadsheets. I’ll dig into the numbers and analyze the digital landscape to devise a brilliant plan to get your story shared, all while keeping my finger on the pulse of what inspires your audience to keep talking about you.


From Content Marketing to Influencer Outreach to Facebook Advertising and more, I will keep you focused on what works for you and your business. My toolkit comes with a unique blend of agency experience, neuropsychology, gamification, and an in-depth understanding of user behavior—four elements that put you in a winning position to make a massive impact on your bottom line.


You: pointed in the right direction, making meaningful connections with your customers online, and finally getting the results you’re really after.

  • Community growth
  • Brand awareness
  • New leads
  • More sales


No one-size-fits-all social media strategies here. All work is perfectly tailored to your business.



Numbers don’t lie. Get a grip on how your current efforts and quit doing things that aren’t getting you the results you want.



Discover what’s really going on in the digital and social media landscape and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

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What I Can Do


Stop spinning your wheels and start gaining traction in your business. Get ready for brilliant guidance, in-depth data analysis and reporting, and the kind of project management that will have you jumping up and down, punching the air shouting, “F**k yeah!”

Digital Marketing Consulting

Social media success doesn’t happen overnight. But I can help you shave a few years off your learning curve! Give me 60 minutes and we’ll unlock the barriers in your social strategy and work together on creating a roadmap for success. We can use our time together to get your hands on a social media mini-audit, lay out a clear social strategy or get feedback on your paid social campaigns. MORE INFO

Full Service Social Media Management

Take social media off your “to-do” list so you can focus on what you do best. I offer full scope management of your social accounts including collaborative efforts to push content, promotions, blog posts, and more each month. I’ll monitor and track channel performance and provide you with input, feedback and content recommendations. WAITLIST

Social Media Strategy

Not sure where to start? You need a strategy before tactics and that’s where I can help. My process includes in depth discovery and data analysis, market research and a comprehensive social media audit of your brand and up to three of your competitors. When we’re done, you’ll know where your business should be online, how to measure success, what resources and tools you’ll need to get the job done.

Paid Social Advertising

Get a hand driving meaningful and measureable results across the entire social media landscape. Want to target website visitors that dropped out of your sales funnel? Let’s retarget them. Need to reach your email subscribers on Facebook? I can do that. Let me take care of Facebook’s Power Editor while you focus on making your business profitable.

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The Art of Facebook Lists: Your Solution for Strange Facebook Friend Requests

The Art of Facebook Lists: Your Solution for Strange Facebook Friend Requests

Are you an entrepreneur that loves hanging out in Facebook Groups but feel uneasy when someone from that group friend requests you? You’re 100% A-OK chatting with that person in the group but giving her access to see your personal profile… Hmm, that’s a whole different story. Deep down, you want the connection because you never…

Webinar: 4 Secrets to Boost Your Sales on Facebook

Webinar: 4 Secrets to Boost Your Sales on Facebook

Hey, hey! Mark your calendars so you don’t forget. The “4 Secrets to Boost Sales on Facebook” webinar with Marketing Melodie is just around the corner on April 29th at 12 noon PST. I’ll be joining as a special guest and dropping knowledge bombs on how to win with Facebook Ads. See you there! REGISTER…

How to Use Facebook Graph Search to Create Content Your Audience Wants

How to Use Facebook Graph Search to Create Content Your Audience Wants

Are you looking for creative ways to discover what your readers’ interests are? Imagine having access to a search engine that tells you exactly what your readers want to learn more about. In this article, I’ll show you four ways you can use Facebook Graph Search to create content that your audience truly wants.

Social Media Marketer’s 10 Favorite Things

Social Media Marketer’s 10 Favorite Things

I use a lot of resources and tools to manage clients and their social media marketing initiatives but there are only a few that I refer to regularly. I like to think of these resources as “Agency tested – Stephanie approved.” Life is too short to be stuck in an office all day which is…

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

For many bloggers, the worst part of writing is the beginning, when you’re sitting at your desk starting at a blank screen and a blinking cursor. Writer’s block sucks. I know because I’ve been there before. It’s a frustrating feeling that can consume you and stop your creative efforts dead in their tracks. Overcoming writer’s…

Professional Development: Rock the Agency Life

In today’s highly-competitive agency world, getting a job is the first step on the ladder to success. Climbing the agency ladder involves more than just putting in your time and waiting for your turn at a promotion. It involves a commitment to ongoing education and professional development. In recognition of this, some agencies offer education…



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