Pepperidge Farm’s Puff Madness Recipe Tournament

Pepperidge Farm’s Puff Madness Recipe Tournament

Every now and then I like to share social media campaigns that really make me smile. This month, I stumbled upon Pepperidge Farm’s Puff Madness Recipe Tournament which I had to share. The company best known for their passion for baking got into the March Madness spirit by launching their “Puff Madness Bracket” where 16 recipes in their wrapped, rolled, stuffed and cups categories battle it out to become the ultimate Puff Champion!

The Puff Madness Bracket was rolled out on Facebook and Pepperidge Farm encouraged over 77,000 of their fans to play along by downloading the bracket online and voting on which recipe they liked the best. It’s been a fierce competition these last few weeks with fans going back and forth on which recipe should win the title and today the final match was announced.

After a memorable tournament with over 500 comments to date, we’re finally down to the last two recipes: Mini-Cheeseburger Bundles vs. Spinach  Cheese Swirls. If you haven’t done anything for Puff Madness yet, today is the day that counts.

Cast your vote at Pepperidge Farm’s Facebook page and stay tuned to find out who the ultimate Puff Champion will be!

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