The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge: ROC Race 5K

The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge also known as the ROC Race was inspired by WipeOut, the American reality show competition featuring ridiculous obstacle challenges and American Gladiators. The 5K course around the historic Del Mar Fairgrounds made its debut last month with over 6,000 participants! According to CNN, Millennium Events the producers of the event, are making plans to host the event across the country so if you’re not in San Diego, the ROC Race may be headed to your city!

Members of Ad 2 San Diego and I formed a team to take on the creative collision of the military style training course and the crazy game show inspired obstacles. Our costumes were ‘young professionals’ so we got together and wore our collared button up shirts. After looking at the photos and videos, you can tell that other teams were a lot more creative – that’s okay, that just means next year Ad 2 San Diego is going to bring our creativity up a notch.

Team results can be found online at the ROC Race 2011 11AM Unlimited Teams. You can also check out the three ROC Race photo galleries at their Facebook page – One, Two and Three!

Overall, I think our team did a great job and I can’t wait to do the ROC Race again next year! By the way, the Del Mar Mud Run is in October – that’s only a few more months away! Who’s in?

ROC Race Obstacles:

  • Foam Climbing Obstacles
  • Ridiculous ball hill climbs
  • Swinging ropes over water
  • Swinging boulders
  • Crazy cargo net climbs
  • Ludicrous wall climbs
  • Inflatable slides
  • Ridiculous Role Players to harass you!

Event included:


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