Jumpstart Status Meetings with ididwork

Every morning our team meets to discuss items we’ve been focusing on, what’s been completed, and projects we need extra time on. This week I wanted to try something different so I rallied a couple of my co-workers to try out ididwork.com. It’s a simple and easy-to-use web app that lets you keep a log of the work that you and your teammates have completed. With ididwork, we were able to view status updates from each member on our team which kept us in the loop during the day.

Pie Chart
Fig. 1 Work categorized by tags.

In addition to microblogging our status updates, team members were able to analyze how much of their work was dedicated to a specific tag (see Fig. 1) and how much time was spent on a task. Employees can even send their work logs to managers for feedback and review. These reports can be exported into Excel or a PDF and you can edit your settings to automatically send a report to your manager as often as you like (i.e. weekly, every 2 weeks, etcetera). ididwork also has a graph that illustrates the number of entries your posted in a day or in a week (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Daily Activity
Fig. 2 Number of Entries per Day.

The web app isn’t going to replace our morning meetings, but it helps us analyze how we can be more productive at work. For example, if ad hoc reports for clients make up 70% of my day, it would be a good idea to work with engineering on how to automate those reports.

For an awesome demo of ididwork.com, check out Demo Girl’s video tutorial below:

Would you use ididwork? If so, what would your tags be?

(Video Credit: Demo Girl)

Discover DC Universe Online

One of the most memorable booths at Comic-Con was the Sony Online Entertainment booth where they unveiled DC Universe Online. There were multiple demo stations available and it created a huge buzz among the crowd of hardcore comic fans. Fortunately, my husband and I were able to get a first look of the game and I have to admit – I’m not much of an online gamer and we don’t even own a PS3 but after getting our hands on the game and experiencing it, all of that just might change.

What had to be the most exciting part of the game was that I could could defy gravity and run up and over buildings and choose whether or not I wanted to be a super hero or a villain. On top of that, I could create my own legion or league of super heroes or villains. What type of character would you create? Would you be good or evil?

Check out the DC Universe video from Mahalo Daily below:

(Video Credit: Mahalodotcom)

HeyStephanie’s Social Map

I thought it would be ifun to create my very own Social Map. It’s a break out of websites, forums, online communities, and other social networking platforms that I’m a part of and have contributed to (i.e. LinkedIn, Myspace, Ning, etc.).

Click here for a more interactive map where you can zoom in and out.

HeyStephanie’s Social Map
Social Map

You can even see which online services I’ve switched from and to. For example, I used to blog on Xanga and Vox but now I’m on WordPress. I even switched from Photobucket to Flickr because it was easier for me to share photos with friends.

Much like the Brands in a Day Portrait, I’m sure I’ve left out a couple of items but it’s still fascinating to look at.

It’ll be interesting to see how this map grows in a year’s time. A few questions that come into mind are:

  • Will I be using the same social networks?
  • What new platforms will be added to my map?
  • Which will I deactivate?

How does your Social Map look like?