LCL10: How TravelNevada Won Over Millennials Thanks to Storytelling

LCL10: How TravelNevada Won Over Millennials Thanks to Storytelling

Lookie, lookie it’s the first Lights, Camera, LIVE in the new year and we’re kicking things off with Kaitlin Godbey from TravelNevada!


If you think the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or the Las Vegas Strip are the only things to do in Nevada, THINK AGAIN!

Nevada is a HUGE state to explore, making it nearly impossible for TravelNevada to cover every corner of the state by themselves. And that’s where their followers come in!

Nevada enthusiasts have been capturing all things quirky, weird, fabulous, and fun in the Silver State by tagging photos with the hashtag #TravelNevada.
In under a year, Kaitlin was able to grow their Instagram account by 700%!

As Social Media and Content Strategist at TravelNevada, Kaitlin creatively champions travel opportunities beyond the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip and inspires adventure into the heart of Nevada.

Using compelling storytelling, content development, and cross-channel influencer engagement strategies, she is a key player assisting TravelNevada in receiving national recognition last year in best in Travel PR, including a Silver Anvil from the Public Relations Society of America and a Mercury Award from the U.S. Travel Association.

In this action-packed episode, jump to where we talk about:

  • (20:49) Tips to Get Your Brand Story Buzzing
  • (30:33) The Benefits of Niche Interests and Influencers
  • (49:48) How the Right Content Partnerships Can Drive Success
  • And so much MORE!

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