LCL3: How Experian is Driving Community and Connection with Kerrie Roberts

LCL3: How Experian is Driving Community and Connection with Kerrie Roberts

On today’s episode of Lights, Camera, LIVE, I’m joined by Kerrie Roberts, Social Media Community Manager for Experian on how they’re using social media to stay relevant in a heavily regulated industry while building an online community.


  • As the Social Media Community Manager for Experian, Kerrie can be found traveling from conference to conference simply because the social media landscape is always changing and it’s important for Kerrie and Experian to stay on top of all the changes
  • Creative briefs are super important for keeping cross-functional team on the same page for upcoming campaigns
  • Educating the Legal Team never ends, seize that opportunity as a chance to become the subject matter expert in your organization
  • Experian uses many social media channels, because as a huge company and it has many services offered that needs to reach so many people
  • When it comes to influencers, financial bloggers are key in Experian’s content strategy to educate the public
  • Experian hosts weekly Twitter chats to engage specific audiences
  • Experian experiments with a variety of platforms including Periscope and Snapchat
  • Tools such as Slack and Microsoft Link help teams effetively communicate
  • Latest content push is how to prevent your child from being a victim of identity theft


  • Sprinklr, an enterprise social media listening platform



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  • Angela Quisumbing December 11, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    What a fun and informative show. I love how you feature such top notch guests. One of my first jobs was at a bank! It’s interesting to learn how the financial industry is incorporating social into their marketing, especially with all the legalities. Thanks for sharing.

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