Instagram: How to Block Negative Comments

Instagram: How to Block Negative Comments

Psst…did you hear? Instagram released a new feature that allows you to auto hide inappropriate comments!

This is perfect for deterring spam bots that tout “free followers” or if you’re a Kardashian all of the LB (Like Back) comments that quickly sprout on the photos they post.

The Page Moderation feature on Facebook has helped me block negative comments on my clients’ Facebook Pages for years so I’m super excited to activate this feature for not only my clients but my Instagram account as well!

Here’s how you can active Instagram’s comment filtering feature within the app…

STEP 1: At the top of your Instagram account, click on the gear icon.


STEP 2: Scroll down to Settings then click on Comments.



STEP 3: From there activate the feature “Hide inappropriate comments” then start listing the keywords and or hashtags you want blocked. Click “Done” when you are finished.


Tah-dah!!! Now, comments posted on your images that contain any of the blocked keywords or hashtags you listed will be hidden.

Photo Credit: RunnerKimHall

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  • Angela Quisumbing September 15, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Thanks for sharing, Stephanie. This is my first time hearing about it. I’m definitely going to start using this feature.

    • Stephanie Liu Author September 15, 2016 at 4:19 pm

      It’s definitely helpful for deterring the bots but usually people get bots commenting on their images if they’re using hashtags that are spammy.

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